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Outcome Based

The design tool for

Event Driven Architecture


Business Processes
without losing their value

Execute strategic initiatives without bias!

Reduce uncertainty and unknown unknowns using Model My Code (MMC). Once business stakeholders agree about the required outcome, MMC will provide a fast and simple path to documenting the required business process.
Want to generate the code to cover most of the software solution? Just request code to be generated in any language using your own templates.
MMC is finally a
low-code solution that keeps developers in control of their code base!

Design Outcomes
Not Solutions



MMC is NOT a traditional diagramming tool or whiteboard. It is dedicated to solve Business Process Modelling from a business perspective first. Empowering you to build the bridge between Business and Development

Don't Make Me Think

MMC doesn't distract from gathering requirements and building the model. Using AI and a hot-zone driven UI. Interaction is reduced to a minimum.

Business First

We want to keep stakeholders involved from start to end. No technical terms or concepts are needed to build the model while still being able to generate code from the model if required.

Outcome Driven

The first business process modelling tool in the world to model backwards from a desired outcome. Helping to discover all knowledge required to get to this outcome without the traditional trial & error approach . Reducing project risk and lead-time.

3 Products in 1


Requirements Model

a screenshot of events on timelines contained within their contexts

This is where we use event-storming or outcome driven knowledge modelling to find all information we need to model. MMC uses actual visualisation of Timelines and (Bounder) Contexts and actors can also be defined 


Event Modelling

Screenshot 2023-04-13 200640.png

Each timeline can be the starting point of an event-model. With single clicks we can add patterns and make connections between patterns. Slices are visible from the start and their order can be changed or new slices added to the model


Code Generation

Screenshot of sourcecode from an aggregate

MMC does not generate code itself, but provides the information to template based generators, such as Hygen and Yeoman. This means we never touch your code and you have complete freedom to create code in any language. It can even be infrastructure as code or input for AI.

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